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Thinking About Placing a Baby for Adoption?

Florida Adoption Services for Birth Mothers

Placing a child for adoption is not a decision a woman makes overnight. This decision requires self-reflection, support of family and friends, and the guidance of an Adoption Specialist.

If you are considering adoption, American Adoption of Florida (AAFL) is a great place to begin your search. Through our adoption counseling program, an Adoption Specialist can help you decide if adoption is truly best for you and your baby by walking you through the adoption process and helping you understand how you are in control of each step.

If you decide to put your baby up for adoption through AAFL, you will be offered the following services:

24/7 Support – No matter how many people you have supporting your adoption decision, nothing is more reassuring than having your own Adoption Specialist available at any time. If you have a question about a particular part of the adoption process, a concern about the adoptive family, or feelings of changing your mind, your Adoption Specialist is always just a phone call away.

Living Expenses – Aside from having all medical and legal expenses paid for, you may also receive living expenses to help you with rent, utilities, transportation, food, maternity clothes and more. This will allow you to focus on having a healthy pregnancy, and not stressed out about your finances.

Hundreds of Families to Choose From – What type of family do you envision your child growing up in? A big or small family? A family living in the suburbs or in the country? A religious or non-religious family? The more families an adoption professional has to choose from, the better chance you have of finding the family perfect for you and your child.

Video Profiles of Families – You can only learn so much about an adoptive family through pictures and letters. At AAFL, nearly all of our families film video profiles of themselves, describing their lives and excitement to become parents. Through these video profiles, you are able to see their personalities, sincerity, love for one another, sense of humor, and other important qualities that will help you choose the right family.

Contact with Families – All of AAFL’s adoptive families are open to a semi-open adoption, meaning they are excited to participate in conference calls and email exchange with you during the adoption process, and send you pictures and letters of your child after the adoption. Many of our families are open to an even wider variety of contact, including visits before the adoption, and phone calls and visits after the adoption.

If you are pregnant and are looking for more information about placing a baby for adoption, or if you are ready to create an adoption plan, contact us today for free adoption information.