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Jason & Kelsey

Thank you for considering us! We believe that adoption is the most precious gift a person could ever be a part of. When we become parents, we feel that our family will finally be whole. A child would become the center of our world. We are so excited to share our lives with a child!

About Us

Vice President
Owner-Property Manager
Journeyman Tradesman Electrician
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Enjoying the Sunset

We have chosen adoption because since we got married it has been our dream to be parents. Our journey to become parents so far has been a difficult and emotional one due to infertility. We believe adoption is the most amazing gift, giving us an opportunity to become parents since we're unable to conceive naturally.

We have friends that were adopted, and we have friends that have adopted. Our family also has experience with adoption. Kelsey's brother chose adoption for his son. We believe that Kelsey's brother made the most compassionate decision when he chose adoption. His adoption has enabled our family to maintain a relationship with our nephew. The ability to have a relationship with him has been beneficial to us and our nephew. Jason has a cousin and an uncle who were adopted. Jason's maternal grandparents helped place numerous children in families through a local adoption service. Jason's paternal grandmother helped raise numerous children.

We believe that adoption is an amazing gift and it is our path to becoming parents. Kelsey feels that becoming a mother through adoption is part of her purpose in life. Even if she could've had children naturally, she still would want to be a parent to an adopted child. We know that adoption will bring unique challenges, but nothing could be more worth it than the opportunity to be a parent.

Our Pets Dante, Maeve & Goblin

Cuddling With Dante, Maeve & Goblin

Our pets are a huge part of our lives. We have 2 dogs named Dante and Maeve, and a cat named Goblin. Each one is a loved family member. We will always have pets as we both absolutely love having them be a part of our family.

We take our dogs, Dante and Maeve, on walks, camping, to the lake and for drives as much as possible. They love running and playing in our yard and chasing Goblin when she is in the mood to play. Goblin spends her time laying around the house or stalking around our backyard. Sometimes she likes to get the dogs riled up and they all run around together. Our pets do great around children and love being around our nieces, nephews and friend's children.

They definitely have more toys and love than they could ever want. They are so happy when we have children stay over and they pout when the child or children leave. The only thing they're missing is they would also love to have a child to run, play and grow with.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is something that Kelsey has always been interested in. She speaks some French, Spanish and Irish. We have both been fortunate to have numerous different cultural experiences. We believe that cultural diversity makes a community and family stronger. As part of attaining her degree in sociology she had the opportunity to take multiple classes educating her on different cultures and religions and how these can impact a person and a family. She especially enjoyed learning about indigenous peoples throughout the world.

We recently visited our family in London, England. While there we watched our nephew play soccer. During this trip we traveled with our family to Marrakesh, Morocco in northern Africa. We enjoyed walking through the local markets and eating the local cuisine. For our honeymoon we visited Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We enjoyed experiencing the different cultures and celebrating their customs.

Jason's maternal grandmother immigrated to the US from Ireland. She instilled in her children and grandchildren the importance of family, overcoming challenges, and taking each day as a new opportunity.


Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
With Our Nieces & Nephews in London
With Our Nieces & Nephews in London
Music Festival
Music Festival
Four-Wheeling With Our Nephew
Four-Wheeling With Our Nephew
Reading With Our Niece
Reading With Our Niece
Enjoying the Mountains
Enjoying the Mountains
At the Bellagio
At the Bellagio
At a Murder Mystery Party
At a Murder Mystery Party
Hilton Head Vacation
Hilton Head Vacation
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
Christmas Fun With Family
Christmas Fun With Family
Together in London
Together in London
1 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
2 / 12
With Our Nieces & Nephews in London
With Our Nieces & Nephews in London
3 / 12
Music Festival
Music Festival
4 / 12
Four-Wheeling With Our Nephew
Four-Wheeling With Our Nephew
5 / 12
Reading With Our Niece
Reading With Our Niece
6 / 12
Enjoying the Mountains
Enjoying the Mountains
7 / 12
At the Bellagio
At the Bellagio
8 / 12
At a Murder Mystery Party
At a Murder Mystery Party
9 / 12
Hilton Head Vacation
Hilton Head Vacation
10 / 12
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
11 / 12
Christmas Fun With Family
Christmas Fun With Family
12 / 12
Together in London
Together in London

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a newly developed subdivision with multiple families with children living near us. Our subdivision has a park and there are many parks nearby. The town we live in has an outdoor water park for pool fun during the summers and multiple ski hills for fun during the winters.

We live in a tight-knit community where many events are held for children. There are multiple annual events and parades that we have both participated in.

We live in a new house with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a big open kitchen/living room. Our nursery has baby animal-themed decorations and is all set up and waiting for our new family member. Our house has a large, fenced backyard with grass and trees that our dogs and cat love to run and play in. We also have a firepit and hot tub that are perfect for the cold Montana nights.

Living in Montana offers countless opportunities to experience the great outdoors. We regularly enjoy spending outdoor activities, taking advantage of all our state has to offer. Camping with our family is one of our favorite things to do.

Our Extended Families

Four-Wheeling With Family

We are very fortunate to have close relationships with our families. Spending time with our family is extremely important to us and we do regularly. We recently traveled to London, UK to visit Jason's sister, her husband and our nieces and nephews and had a wonderful time visiting parks with them. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with our nieces and nephews, watching them play soccer, playing games, and going for walks and bike rides. Kelsey really enjoyed taking her niece Matilda to get manicures and matching earrings.

Matching Family Christmas Jammies

We live in the same neighborhood as Kelsey's parents and Jason's parents live very close by also. Kelsey's brother's Kelan and Shelby also live nearby along with Jason's grandma, uncle and a few cousins. We often get together for dinner and enjoy playing board games together afterwards.

Some of the traditions we enjoy are camping every year for Memorial Day, cooking a traditional Irish dinner for St. Patrick's Day, watching fireworks with friends and family on Independence Day and exchanging gifts with family on Christmas.

We are very close with our family, and they are all very excited we are in the adoption process. When we are fortunate enough to become parents, it will make time with our family and friends even more special.

From Us to You

Thank you for considering us to be the parents of who will be the center of our world! We cannot imagine the magnitude of feelings you are experiencing. We have so much respect for your bravery in choosing adoption for your baby.

It has always been our dream to start a family together ever since we started dating 16 years ago. Having this opportunity means everything to us. We can't wait to bring a child into our family to raise and nurture as our own.

We went to the same high school but did not meet until a few years after we both had graduated. After dating for 8 years (a long time we know) we got married in 2015. We will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary in March. We wanted children right away but due to infertility we are not able to have children biologically.

Jason owns an electrical contracting business and Kelsey manages our rental homes in the beautiful state of Montana. This affords us many benefits including a leisurely lifestyle. We are able to be very flexible with our schedules. Kelsey will be able to the home with our child every day. We will be able to include a child into our lives seamlessly. We have family literally right down the street. So, we will have plenty of support with anything the child may need.

Some of our hobbies that we can't wait to share with our child are travelling, camping, sports and spending time with our pets. We have 2 dogs, Dante and Maeve, and a cat named Goblin, that are a huge part of our lives. Growing up, both of us played sports, and we both currently play hockey. We look forward to providing the opportunity to our child to pursue any sport that they are interested in. We also will offer them the chance to pursue any other activities that interest them such as art, dance or music.

We are ready and willing to provide a child with whatever they may need and look forward to nurturing and encouraging them to be their authentic self. We will help guide and support our child on whatever path in life they choose.

Our long-term goal for our family would be to have at least 2 children as we would love our child to grow up with a brother or sister just as we did. Jason has an older sister and Kelsey has 3 younger brothers. We believe that siblings enriched our lives, and we hope to provide that opportunity to our child.

We understand that this is a very difficult and life altering decision for you. We want to do everything in our power to help make it a positive life choice for you and your baby. It is our intent to be as open as possible with our adoptive child about where they came from and who their biological parents are. Family history and culture are very important to us and in turn we want it to be a big part of our child's life.

Jason & Kelsey


Bob Odenkirk
Taika Waititi
Julia Luis Dryfus
Christina Ricci
George Martin
Edgar Allan Poe
Tools of Titans
Divergent Series
Candy Bar
Reese's peanut butter cups
Dark Chocolate
Rick & Morty
Aaahh Real Monsters
Childhood Memory
Hunting with my family
Swimming at the lake with family.
Childhood Toy
Dinosaur toy
Barbie Dream car
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Roam
Dorrie and the Blue Witch
Cork, Ireland
Barcelona, Spain
Classic Movie
Big Lebowski
The Neverending Story
Day of Week
Cherry Pie
Disney Movie
The Sword in the Stone
Hocus Pocus
Dream Car
1965 mustang
Dream Job
Business owner
To be a mom
Dream Vacation
Secluded beach
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Alfredo Linguini
Form of Exercise
Weight Lifting
Dungeons and Dragons
Independence Day
Holiday Song
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Memorial Day Camping
Family games
Ice Cream
Chocolate Espresso
Junk Food
Sweet Chili Doritos
Gummy Bears
Leisure Activity
Swimming at the lake or pool
Memory with a Child
Meeting my nephew
Taking my niece to get our nails done together and getting matching earrings
Memory with Spouse
Honeymoon in Ireland
Visiting the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
What We Do in the Shadows
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
I think our love can do anything we want it to. The Notebook
Movie Type
Sci Fi
Comedy Thriller
Musical Group
Highly Suspect
Foo Fighters
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Half Pipe
Personal Hero
Jane Goodall
Edgar Allen Poe
Quality about my Spouse
Her compassion
his optimism
Burn the boats
It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done. Vincent Van Gogh
Gordon Ramsey Steak
Shopping Store
Capital Sports
Tattoed Cigarette
Drive, Incubus
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Christian Mccafffrey
Simone Biles
Sports Team
Green Bay Packers
Vegas Knights
Subject in School
Jessica Jones
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Hunting Camp
Memorial Day Camping
TV Show
Better Call Saul
TV Show Character
Zapp Brannigan
Turanga Leela
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Red Dead Redemption
Mario Kart

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