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Cody & Liz

Adoption has always been our first choice for growing our family. After building a strong foundation, we are excited and ready to bring a child into our home. Thank you for considering us while you make this significant decision. If you believe we are the right fit, we look forward to going on this journey with you.

About Us

Senior Operations Engineer
Events Coordinator for an Autism Non-Profit
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Cody Teaching Our Nephew How to Build a Computer

To be parents means to pass along all the joy and experiences we had as kids to our child. We want to teach our kids to climb trees, play in the mud, be kind to others and to live life with a smile as often as possible. Being a parent means loving our child unconditionally and laughing alongside our child, crying alongside our child and helping them to grow into a responsible, kind adult. We want to create structure and fun as well as teach our child to help others. Life does not always go our way and being a parent means being there to help our child through the good and the bad, the wins and the losses, the build- up and the let-down. As people who have been through trials and came out stronger on the other side, we are excited to pass this along to our child.

We are also fortunate to have strong support systems - our parents are strong and supportive people in our lives and are here for us at any time - day or night. We also have a lot of close friends with kids and others who are just starting their families for us to share this journey with. We believe these support systems will help us be great parents.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Hiking in Maui

Maui, Hawaii is our favorite vacation spot. We are so excited to take our child there! We have already talked about all the things we will do with our child on Maui at all different ages.

We have a tradition when it comes to Maui - we car camp for the first half of our trip -hiking through the jungle, swimming at different beaches and eating lots of very fresh, amazing food from local food trucks.

Then we take the last few days to stay at a nice hotel. We enjoy the pool, some nice restaurants and a whale watch or snorkel tour.

The Aloha and Mahalo culture speaks deep into our souls. We love the island way, respecting nature and each other and being thankful for every breath we take. Aloha means Love, Peace, and Compassion and Mahalo means thanks, gratitude, admiration, and respect.

Our Pup, Eggbert

Family Hike

We adopted our dog Eggbert (Bert for short) about two years ago from our local humane society. We got him shortly after we moved into our house and he’s been a member of the family ever since. He loves people and enjoys when our friends are over - more people to pet him and a higher likelihood of someone dropping some food on the ground. He’s had a great understanding of children ever since he was a puppy and is very gentle with them. Some of our earliest memories of him are being led by a small child and him trotting behind - enjoying every minute of it. We look forward to him doing the same with our child.


Vacation in Hawaii
Vacation in Hawaii
At a Women's Volleyball Game
At a Women's Volleyball Game
Biking in the City
Biking in the City
Volunteering Together
Volunteering Together
Hiking to a Waterfall
Hiking to a Waterfall
Liz Volunteering at Girls on the Run
Liz Volunteering at Girls on the Run
Running Together
Running Together
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
Cody Playing Soccer
Cody Playing Soccer
At a Holiday Party
At a Holiday Party
Watching the Women's World Cup With Friends in Our Backyard
Watching the Women's World Cup With Friends in Our Backyard
Snorkeling in Mexico
Snorkeling in Mexico
1 / 12
Vacation in Hawaii
Vacation in Hawaii
2 / 12
At a Women's Volleyball Game
At a Women's Volleyball Game
3 / 12
Biking in the City
Biking in the City
4 / 12
Volunteering Together
Volunteering Together
5 / 12
Hiking to a Waterfall
Hiking to a Waterfall
6 / 12
Liz Volunteering at Girls on the Run
Liz Volunteering at Girls on the Run
7 / 12
Running Together
Running Together
8 / 12
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
9 / 12
Cody Playing Soccer
Cody Playing Soccer
10 / 12
At a Holiday Party
At a Holiday Party
11 / 12
Watching the Women's World Cup With Friends in Our Backyard
Watching the Women's World Cup With Friends in Our Backyard
12 / 12
Snorkeling in Mexico
Snorkeling in Mexico

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our neighborhood is bordered by parks on both ends and it is diverse with lots of kids of all ages. The neighborhood puts on an annual festival that has lots of activities for children. Liz attends the neighborhood meetings that address issues in the neighborhood and plans activities for local kids. We recently organized and ran a summer soccer club in one of the parks where kids ages 5-12 came together for pick-up games.

We live in a densely populated neighborhood - houses are close together and neighbors chat regularly.

Neighborhood Park

Our Wisconsin city is dedicated to helping people and families enjoy all four seasons outside. It has events all year long catered to kids and adults. From family festivals to concerts, each event has child specific areas and amenities. Bike and walking paths are well taken care of and every neighborhood has several parks and outdoor areas with playgrounds and games.

Our home is very special to us as it is our first. Our favorite room in our enclosed three season porch that we sit out on to listen to the rain or enjoy the warmth of the sun on a spring afternoon. This space will be great to share with our child.

Our Extended Families

At the Lake With Our Nephew

Family is very important to us and we are fortunate to have many forms of family in our lives. Cody’s parents live close by and are so excited for their first grandchild. Liz’s family lives a few states over and we see them several times a year. They can’t wait to meet our little one!

We see Cody’s family weekly and split holidays between families. There will surely be sleepovers with grandmas and grandpas and special bonds and relationships built.

We both have core friend groups from high school that we see as family.

With Our Niece

Cody’s friends live nearby and are also planning to start families soon, so we are eager for these children to grow up as cousins. We share meals, borrow tools and just stop by for quick check-ins all the time. We ride bikes, take walks and even snow days get to be shared since we are so close!

Liz’s friends live further away but we stay with them while visiting her hometown and meet them places for family vacations throughout the year. Their kids are all under 10, and are looking forward to welcoming another cousin into the family.

From Us to You

We think your choice is brave. We admire your courage and strength. Adoption has always been our first choice to grow our family and we hope after learning more about us, you will consider us the best family for your child.

We want to share a little about ourselves but want to acknowledge that this process is about you and your child and what you believe will be the best fit for their life. We hope that we can all be a part of that story together.

We are so excited to be parents and know that we will provide a safe, loving and fun home to our future child. Adoption is our choice to grow our family and we are so excited to go on this journey to become parents. Our adoption beliefs and preferences were discussed very early in our relationship.

We met playing indoor soccer. The whole team would go out for burgers after games. Every week, we would end up on our own, talking for hours. Finally Cody asked Liz to hang out. We went for a walk and have barely spent a day apart since.

We are fun-loving, sometimes adventurous and always like hanging out at home with our dog Eggbert. We like to laugh a lot which helps set a strong foundation when life doesn't go well. The day we got engaged we moved almost 3,000 miles away to California for new job opportunities. While moving to a new place can be fun, it's also very stressful. Navigating new jobs, a new city, and making new friends together has helped us learn how to rely on and trust each other.

Cody works full-time from home, managing a team of engineers at a tech company and Liz works part-time outside of house planning events for a non-profit that supports children and adults with autism. Liz usually starts her day with a run, while Cody walks our pup Bert and then we have a late breakfast/early lunch before Liz heads out to the office. If we don't have community meetings or an event to go to, in the evenings we love making dinner together or grabbing a bite to eat with friends. When it's warm we sit in our backyard with friends or take a walk to get ice cream!

We want our child to grow up confident and self-assured. We will provide the love and support to help our child navigate all the ups and downs of life. We love the outdoors, socializing with friends and exploring our small city - we can't wait to share that with our child. We want to teach them to climb trees, play in the woods, read books that take them on great adventures and love all people openly and without hesitation.

If you decide to make an adoption plan with us, we want you to know that we believe in open adoption. We look forward to discussing how this will best work out for you and how we can set up our connection time. We want to make you feel comfortable with whatever level of openness and connection is best for you.

We plan to thoughtfully talk about adoption in our house so that it will always have a positive meaning. We will celebrate our child's adoption day and birthday. We have found many books that are appropriate at different ages to tell our child about their adoption and how it makes them loved twice as much. Our child will always know that their birth parents love them and that they are always wanted.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We are so excited to expand our family!

Cody & Liz


Tom Hanks
Will Smith
Amy Poehler
Sea Turtle
Candy Bar
Plain Chocolate
Duck Tales
Care Bears
Childhood Memory
Eating dinner with family
Building forts in the woods with my friends
Childhood Toy
Pengy the Penguin
My bicycle
Children's Book
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Mercer Mayer's Just Me and My Dad
Hana, Maui
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Day of Week
Chocolate Cake
Disney Movie
Finding Nemo
Dream Car
Tesla SUV
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Hiking and a Picnic
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Playing Soccer
Holiday Song
Hark the Harold the Angels Sing
Holiday Tradition
New Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve
Ice Cream
Blue Moon
Junk Food
Memory with a Child
Waterpark with nephew
Waterpark with my nephew
Memory with Spouse
First night home with our puppy
Lair, Lair
Movie Munchie
Movie Type
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Barack Obama
Quality about my Spouse
Adventurous Spirit
Sense of humor
Turkey grinder
Romans 8:28
Shopping Store
TJ Maxx
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Aaron Rodgers
David Ortiz (Big Papi)
Sports Team
Greenbay Packers
Boston Red Sox
Captain Marval
Thing to Cook
TV Show
The West Wing
Parks and Recreation
TV Show Character
Liz Lemon
Vacation Spot

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