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Austin & Michael

We want to extend our deepest appreciation that you have taken the time to explore our profile. Both of us are beyond excited to become parents and we hope that our profile gives you a sense of the deep and abiding love we have for one another, as well as the warmth, support, and unconditional love we can't wait to give to a child. We wish you all the best and would love a chance to connect.

About Us

Social Worker
Registered Nurse
Master's Degree in Social Work
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Legally Married

How We Met

So Happy Together

The way we met was actually pretty unique and unexpected. We were randomly paired together as roommates in our first year of college and quickly became best friends, and frankly have been best friends ever since. We continued to live together throughout school and our relationship developed from platonic to romantic. By 2016 we had moved in together after school and were already discussing the rest of our lives together. We were married in 2018 and in 2020 we moved to live closer to our family in anticipation of growing our family together through adoption.

The story of how we met is really important in our relationship, because fundamentally our love for each other is built on our friendship and trust in one another. We joke sometimes that couples can have trouble moving in together and learning to live in the same space, whereas we have lived together from the day we met. But we really did overcome some of those obstacles early on in our relationship, and by the time we were married we were certain that we would spend the rest of our lives together.

Cultural Diversity

We want nothing more than for our child to grow up safely, thrive, and to be proud of their individual identity. We have come to realize that if our child were of a different racial background than ourselves, they will experience daily life differently than we do and will face many challenges that we’ve never had to think about because of our own privilege. We have considered the heavy responsibility we would have to educate ourselves about the experience of people of color in this country as well as the systems of oppression that continue to marginalize those who are non-white. We want to be able to advocate for our child with these systems in mind and help them develop the skills they need to safely navigate injustices such as discrimination or racial profiling, just like parents of color do for their children. We never want them to feel like an outsider, so we are committed to finding a community for them where they will be surrounded by friends and role models who look like them and can share similar experiences. We understand how much representation matters and although we can’t control all of the media they are exposed to, we will make sure that figures of their racial background are represented and celebrated in the books, movies, music, and TV shows we enjoy at home. We are so excited to celebrate our child’s racial, cultural, or ethnic heritage within our new family identity and explore that heritage with them.

Our Life Priorities

Our Little Family

Our priorities are a balance between family and community, with family being the most important thing in the world. We have always felt that family is more than blood, and that it should always be cherished and protected. We have always dreamed of building our family through adoption, and we hope that includes you as well as your child. Because family is our highest priority, we have and will continue to do everything we can to provide the most loving home for your child if you choose us to be their adoptive family.

Michael grew up with his grandparents in a multi-generational home and feels that it was incredibly influential in his life. In fact, we recently moved in with Austin's parents to provide the same environment for our child. Our current living arrangement also gives us more flexibility to make sure that your child is always home with one of us, with the extra help of grandparents for babysitting, spoiling, and surrounding your child with love and care.


Getting Ready for Our Wedding
Getting Ready for Our Wedding
Faye & Austin Napping
Faye & Austin Napping
Feeding Giraffes at a Nature Preserve
Feeding Giraffes at a Nature Preserve
A Beautiful Waterfall Close to Our House
A Beautiful Waterfall Close to Our House
Yummy Outdoor Breakfast at the Cabin
Yummy Outdoor Breakfast at the Cabin
Taking Advantage of the Beautiful Weather
Taking Advantage of the Beautiful Weather
Hanging Out Around the Fire
Hanging Out Around the Fire
Celebrating Michael's Graduation
Celebrating Michael's Graduation
Enjoying a Walk at a Nearby Park
Enjoying a Walk at a Nearby Park
Exploring San Francisco
Exploring San Francisco
Relaxing with Our Dog, Amber
Relaxing with Our Dog, Amber
Beach Day with Family & Friends
Beach Day with Family & Friends
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Getting Ready for Our Wedding
Getting Ready for Our Wedding
2 / 12
Faye & Austin Napping
Faye & Austin Napping
3 / 12
Feeding Giraffes at a Nature Preserve
Feeding Giraffes at a Nature Preserve
4 / 12
A Beautiful Waterfall Close to Our House
A Beautiful Waterfall Close to Our House
5 / 12
Yummy Outdoor Breakfast at the Cabin
Yummy Outdoor Breakfast at the Cabin
6 / 12
Taking Advantage of the Beautiful Weather
Taking Advantage of the Beautiful Weather
7 / 12
Hanging Out Around the Fire
Hanging Out Around the Fire
8 / 12
Celebrating Michael's Graduation
Celebrating Michael's Graduation
9 / 12
Enjoying a Walk at a Nearby Park
Enjoying a Walk at a Nearby Park
10 / 12
Exploring San Francisco
Exploring San Francisco
11 / 12
Relaxing with Our Dog, Amber
Relaxing with Our Dog, Amber
12 / 12
Beach Day with Family & Friends
Beach Day with Family & Friends

Our Extended Families

Austin's Family

We are both fortunate to come from very close families and family is something we value above all else. We recently decided to relocate to be closer to family and currently live with Austin’s parents, who are thrilled to be grandparents and a big part of our child’s life. Michael’s family and Austin’s siblings live out of state, but we visit often and hope that one day we will all live close to each other. We also live nearby to Austin’s large and loving extended family, and we can’t wait to continue traditions of holiday gatherings with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We also have Amber, an old and gentle dog, Faye, a younger, energetic and extremely loving dog, and Raja, our lazy but super cuddly cat.

Michael's Family

We all love to eat big meals together, play yard games, grill outdoors, and play with our goofy dogs. We especially enjoy holiday traditions like big family gatherings for Thanksgiving, church services, decorating at Christmastime, and fireworks displays on the Fourth of July. We cherish our nightly tradition of family dinner, sitting down together every night to chat about our days and enjoy each other’s company. And in the age of COVID-19, we have started playing online board games with our siblings and friends over Zoom to stay in touch and have fun!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a quiet suburban town in Ohio. Our neighborhood surrounds a lake and there are large sidewalk paths that lead to nearby parks where there are swing sets, jungle gyms, and a large soccer field. Our house has three levels. Our bedroom is upstairs and is connected to our future child’s bedroom by a jack-and-jill bathroom. Our favorite space is the downstairs family room. It is cozy and inviting with soft carpeting and comfy couches, and we imagine it quickly transforming into our child’s playroom with toys scattered everywhere. We also enjoy spending time outside on our deck and enjoying the views of the lake, and we can’t wait to watch our child playing in our backyard and feeding the ducklings that like to come around.

Feeding the Ducks in Our Backyard

There are many young families who live in our community. We have schools, parks, public pools, and libraries that regularly hold events for kids. We also have an amazing zoo just a few minutes away that we can’t wait to explore with our child. Austin is a huge animal lover so he is especially excited for that! We imagine spending our summers at the community pool or the nearby lake beach, teaching our child to swim so they will be ready for when we visit their grandparents, uncles, and cousins in Florida. We both love being outdoors and we are beyond excited to raise our family in this friendly and vibrant community!

From Us to You

We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. Both of us have always dreamed of starting a family, but over time our desire to become parents has transformed into a deep and enduring yearning. If you choose us to be your child’s parents, we would be completely overjoyed and will provide your child with a life filled with love, affirmation, and opportunity.

We have known each other since 2012 when we were randomly paired together as roommates in our first-year college dorm. There was an instant connection between us and we quickly became the closest of friends. Over the years our relationship developed into a deep love for one another, and when we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives and build a family together we married in September of 2018. We both feel incredibly strong and secure in our relationship because it was built on a foundation of trust, friendship, and mutual respect, and we feel so lucky to have one another.

To be honest, we are not the most socially outgoing people. Rather than spending time with a large number of acquaintances, we tend to make and keep a close circle of friends and family, but when we let someone into our lives that person becomes a part of our lives for good. We think it goes without saying how excited we are to welcome a child into our lives, but we hope you know that we are just as excited to welcome you into our lives as well. As the mother of our child, you would always hold a special place in our hearts and the four of us would always share that connection.

We see our relationship with you as a partnership in bringing a beautiful life into the world, and we will let you decide what that partnership looks like. Our hope is that we will become good friends and your child will know you as they grow up through phone calls, letters, and visits just like any other member of their extended family. We believe that it is so important to a child’s identity to understand and appreciate their roots, so who better to teach them than you? We also understand that it might be too painful for you to have that kind of relationship with us at first, but we hope you know that we will always be open to reconnecting with you at any time in the future. We will welcome you into our lives with open arms.

If it is not your wish to be a part of our lives in that way, we will make sure your child knows you, your family, and your cultural heritage through any stories, pictures, or information you feel comfortable sharing with us. We also promise to share pictures, videos, and letters with you so you will never be left wondering how they are and you can take part in the joy of watching your child grow. We promise to be open and honest with your child about their adoption story and we will make sure that they never doubt for a second the unconditional and unwavering love you have for them. Finally, we promise that if your child belongs to any marginalized community, we will put in the work to continuously educate ourselves and provide them the resources, role models, and community they need to safely navigate the unjust systems and institutions of our society.

We will not even pretend to relate to the struggle you may be facing right now. We can only imagine the anxiety, uncertainty, and anguish you may be feeling as you consider your plan, but we do know that your decision will come from a place of pure and selfless love for your child. We wish you all the best as you move forward.


Austin & Michael


Gene Wilder
Adam Driver
Julie Andrews
Viola Davis
Annie Dillard
Jorge Luis Borges
The Interior Castle
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Candy Bar
Nerds Rope
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Invader Zim
Childhood Memory
Christmas mornings
Playing on the beach with my brothers
Childhood Toy
Mr. Bear (my stuffed animal)
My stuffed weasel "Wheezy"
Children's Book
The King Who Rained
The Rainbow Fish
New York
Classic Movie
The Sound of Music
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Finding Nemo
Dream Job
Stay-at-home dad
Travelling nurse
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Beach day
Flower / Plant
Aloe Vera
Italian food, Chicken wings
Form of Exercise
Playing with our dog
Laying on the couch.... I mean hiking lol
Gala apples
Holiday Song
Christmas Time is Here from Charlie Brown
O Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
4th of July fireworks
Giant Italian Christmas dinner
Ice Cream
Birthday Cake
Junk Food
Tortilla chips
Keebler cookies
Leisure Activity
Watching YouTube
Memory with a Child
Afterschool tutoring
Reading children's books to a preschool class during nursing school
Memory with Spouse
Niagara Falls trip
Our snowy cabin trip to New Hampshire
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Movie Munchie
Snow Caps
Movie Quote
"It's like I have ESPN or something." -Mean Girls
Movie Type
Sweeney Todd
The Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Alabama Shakes
Nursery Rhyme
You Are My Sunshine
The Wheels on the Bus
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Dorothy Day
My Husband
A Christmas Carol
La Casa de Bernarda Alba
Allen Ginsberg
Quality about my Spouse
His integrity
His sense of humor
Los Andes in Providence
Den Den Korean Fried Chicken, Providence RI
Philly Cheesesteak
Cuban Sandwich
Shopping Store
Old Navy
Marry the Night by Lady Gaga
"Telephone" by Lady Gaga ft Beyonce
Sport to Play
Ping pong
Sport to Watch
NBA Basketball
Sports Star
Serena Williams
Steph Curry
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Apple Pie
Time of Day
Night time
Family Dinner
Serving antipasto during holiday dinners
TV Show
Parks and Recreation
Please Like Me
TV Show Character
Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec
Blanca from Pose
Type of Music
Pop, Dance, R&B, Indie
Vacation Spot
Any Beach
Provincetown MA
Video Game
Kingdom Hearts
Animal Crossing

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