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Davis & Allison

We are so glad you found our profile! Thank you for considering our family for your little one. We are a warm, loving, active and close family of four who cannot wait to have a new sibling! We hope you can learn about us here, and we look forward to getting to know you and your hopes and dreams for your child.

About Us

Senior Analytics Consultant
Master's Degree in Urban History
Law Degree
Elliot, Ruby
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Family Hike

We are very involved in our community. We both serve on boards of local non-profits focused on education and opportunity. We love going to concerts and taking advantage of all the incredible live music in our city.

Feeding the Chickens

Allison comes from a family of swimmers, and our girls are definitely water bugs. There is a neighborhood pool just down the street and we are excited to join next summer, now that our kids are a little older and have had swimming lessons. We are also members of the local zoo and science center, and visit both often. Our oldest daughter especially loves visiting the flamingos so she can practice balancing on one leg.

We love to cook and garden, as well. In the summer, we grow tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers in the backyard, and in the colder months, Allison makes delicious soups and bakes several times a week with the kids. We even got chickens this spring, so soon we'll have our very own fresh eggs to enjoy.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

On a Beautiful Fall Day

Davis About Allison: Allison is extremely thoughtful, nurturing, and patient. Her hugs and kisses heal "boo boos" faster than anyone else our kids have ever met, and she makes cozy, comforting dinners for us all. Allison is also unfailingly loyal and committed. She always puts her family first and goes the extra mile to make sure we're all safe and happy. Our daughters know they can do anything and be anything they want, because they see their mama do it.

Allison About Davis: Davis is a natural leader and a fun, lighthearted husband and dad. Being around him makes every day better. He is a hard worker and a thoughtful friend. Most important to Davis is making his family feel loved, cared for, and joyful. He is great at thinking of fun adventures and science projects for our kids. He listens to all of their stories, and plays make-believe games with them. Our children adore him.

Cultural Diversity

We will love and celebrate our child's race and cultural background as one of a thousand special things about them. We know from being foster parents to children of color that we, our children, and our extended families are ready and excited to welcome a child of any racial or cultural background as part of our family. Through our life experiences and social circles, as teachers in majority Black schools, and through serving as foster parents, we have learned a lot about African American and Latinx cultures. We know that these cultures have a rich and important history and identity that should be celebrated at every turn.

Every non-white person in America faces challenges of systemic racism that we and our biological children will not face. We will do our best to shield our child from these inequities. But that is not enough. We also will make sure to cultivate a network of people who can be positive role models of the racial and cultural background of our child and can serve as mentors and teachers. We also will encourage a strong bond with you - their birth family - that will help our child be grounded in their heritage. Most importantly, we will be humble, open listeners to those in our lives and, when they're old enough, our own child, to learn about how we can support their education and growth in these traditions.


All Smiles on Vacation
All Smiles on Vacation
Art Time With Daddy
Art Time With Daddy
Adventure Hike With Daddy
Adventure Hike With Daddy
Allison & the Girls
Allison & the Girls
A Night at the Symphony
A Night at the Symphony
Front Yard Family Picnic
Front Yard Family Picnic
Celebrating Our Friends' Wedding
Celebrating Our Friends' Wedding
Beach Trip!
Beach Trip!
Tea Party With Mama
Tea Party With Mama
Hiking to Waterfalls
Hiking to Waterfalls
Reading Where's Waldo, With Glasses to Match!
Reading Where's Waldo, With Glasses to Match!
1 / 12
All Smiles on Vacation
All Smiles on Vacation
2 / 12
3 / 12
Art Time With Daddy
Art Time With Daddy
4 / 12
Adventure Hike With Daddy
Adventure Hike With Daddy
5 / 12
Allison & the Girls
Allison & the Girls
6 / 12
A Night at the Symphony
A Night at the Symphony
7 / 12
Front Yard Family Picnic
Front Yard Family Picnic
8 / 12
Celebrating Our Friends' Wedding
Celebrating Our Friends' Wedding
9 / 12
Beach Trip!
Beach Trip!
10 / 12
Tea Party With Mama
Tea Party With Mama
11 / 12
Hiking to Waterfalls
Hiking to Waterfalls
12 / 12
Reading Where's Waldo, With Glasses to Match!
Reading Where's Waldo, With Glasses to Match!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a large city in Tennessee. Our home is in a family neighborhood about 15 minutes from downtown, and is nearby lots of great parks, the zoo, and the science museum. Every year, we go trick or treating at the zoo, and in the spring we go to its Teddy Bear Clinic to get check-ups for our favorite stuffed animals.

On Saturdays, we love to go to the nearby farmers market, where our kids get to pick out a treat, and we stock up on fresh vegetables from local farmers and baked goods from artisans. We also have a lot of fun, new restaurants nearby that we love to try out on weekends.

Our four-bedroom home is on a one-acre lot, so we have lots of nature and room to run around. A big family of deer passes through each morning and evening, and we have a pair of owls living in some of our big front yard trees. We spend a lot of time in our living room, reading, playing, and doing art while keeping an eye out for the animals. We have a big, fenced-in backyard with a hammock, swing set, and tree house.

Our Extended Families

Halloween With Family

We spend every Thanksgiving at Allison's mom's farm, hiking around, playing with the animals, and making hot chocolate with Grandma and Elliot and Ruby's aunts. Each Christmas, Allison's mom and sisters come over first thing in the morning to open stockings with our daughters and make a big Christmas brunch.

Baking With Grandma

We're fortunate to live in Allison's hometown, so her sister and brother-in-law, father, aunts, uncles and cousins all live just a few minutes away. On the weekends, we regularly spend time with Allison's cousins and their kids, and her beloved aunt. We often have Sunday night dinners with Allison's dad, and build fires and make s'mores if it's chilly enough. We also have friends who are like family nearby who are honorary aunts and uncles to our kids.

Every year growing up, Davis spent a week at the beach with his grandmother, aunts and uncles, and all of his siblings and cousins. Allison loved taking part in this family tradition once they began dating. And now, our daughters love to spend time with their cousins every year, who are just a few years older than they are.

Our families are thrilled that we are adopting. They have had a chance to get to know and love the foster children we have had in our home, and we know they will be just as welcoming and loving to your child, who will be cherished and loved by our whole family.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for reading our profile! We hope you will consider us to be your child's - and your - family.

We are excited to raise our third child with the knowledge that they have an extra special origin story - they have a wonderful, brave, kind and strong birth mom who chose Allison to be their other mother, and Davis to be their father. We look forward to sending you pictures and letters from us and from our child about their growth and milestones, and showing our child letters you send to them. If you want to, we'd also love to have you celebrate birthdays and other milestones with us. We want our child to know as much about you as feels good to you to share. We truly hope that we will all be one big, extended family for our child.

We have been together for 12 years and have been married for almost 8 (we still feel young in our mid-30s, but wow, that seems like a long time!). We respect each other, believe in each other, and live as true partners and co-parents. We met as public school teachers in a Midwestern city. We've lived in several cities since then, and four years ago we settled back in Allison's hometown.

We are fortunate to live near a great deal of close family. Our children have aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins, all within 20 minutes of our house. As a result, we have an amazing support system for us as parents, and a network of champions for our children, who are loved so fully and completely.

We absolutely love being parents. We have two daughters, Elliot and Ruby. They are both incredibly excited to have another sibling! Elliot says she'll be a "double big sister," and Ruby keeps talking about how she "can't wait to meet my baby." She says, "I'm Elliot's baby, and now I'm going to have a baby and they'll be my baby." They will be fantastic big sisters. Elliot already is - from the moment she met Ruby, she has taken care of her, felt responsible for her, and looked out for her every moment. She'll be the same with your baby - they'll be a new little one for her to take care of.

Our children go to a wonderful preschool. Most teachers have been teaching there for more than 15 years. At school, our daughters are able to learn from kids of different races and cultures, and who speak different languages at home. On the weekends, we love to take walks and go to parks. Because some parks have been closed during the pandemic, we have also tried to create a bit of a park at home for weekend fun. We have a bouncy castle, a tree house, a swing set, soccer and basketball goals, and six chickens that we've raised since they were a day old. We can't wait to share our joyful, fun, boisterous home with your child.

You are making an extremely tough, nuanced, and brave decision. We want to be a support to you as much as we can. We will love your baby so fully and completely. And every day, we will honor you, your love for your child, and your bravery in making this choice.

We can't wait to learn more about you, your dreams for your child, and how we can help make those dreams come true.

Davis & Allison


Daniel Day-Lewis
Denzel Washington
Jennifer Garner
Kristen Bell
Truman Capote
Roxane Gay
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Hey Arnold
Childhood Memory
Yearly beach trips with aunts, uncles, and cousins (more than 30 of us, in total!)
Sunday Supper at my grandparents' house
Childhood Toy
Razor scooter
Children's Book
Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison
St. Louis
Classic Movie
The Godfather
The Sound of Music
Day of Week
Banana Pudding
Chocolate Pie
Disney Movie
Frozen, because it's about siblings helping each other!
Dream Car
1957 Corvette
Mercedes G-Wagon
Dream Job
Museum Curator
Resort and Spa Reviewer
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Road trips
Going on hikes
Flower / Plant
Allison's mac and cheese
Form of Exercise
Bananagrams with adults, hide and seek with kids
Art Collecting
Holiday Song
Mistletoe and Holly by Frank Sinatra
All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
Holiday Tradition
Carving pumpkins
Baking cookies for Santa
Ice Cream
Peanut Butter
Cookies & cream
Junk Food
Giant cinnamon rolls
Leisure Activity
Watching Movies
Reading and listening to music
Vanity Fair
Memory with a Child
Introducing our older daughter to her baby sister
The first time our older daughter held her baby sister in her lap
Memory with Spouse
Our honeymoon in Jamaica
Being snowed into our tiny apartment and spending a whole weekend just the two of us
Jurassic Park
A League of Their Own
Movie Munchie
Junior Mints
Buncha Crunch
Movie Quote
I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do. - Empire Records
Do not let anyone ever make you feel like you do not deserve what you want. - 10 Things I Hate About You
Movie Type
Halloween movies
Sweeney Todd
Musical Group
Hootie and the Blowfish
The Highwomen
Nursery Rhyme
Jack and Jill
Going on a Bear Hunt
Olympic Event
Track and Field
Personal Hero
Robert Kennedy
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams
W.H. Auden
Mary Oliver
Quality about my Spouse
Allison is an immensely empathetic person whose concern for others is deep and genuine.
I love that Davis is a fun, engaged dad to our children, who is always ready to play and explore with them.
You see things; and you say, Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say, Why not? - George Bernard Shaw
I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values and follow my own moral compass, then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own. - Michelle Obama
Anything TexMex
Pi Pizzeria
Pimento Cheese
Psalm 23
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where, I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving. - Love Sonnet 17 by Pablo Neruda
Shopping Store
Tennessee Song by Margo Price
Stay With You by John Legend
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Lebron James
Serena Williams
Sports Team
Clemson Tigers
Tennessee Titans
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Anything in our cast-iron skillet
Homemade Pasta
Time of Day
Cooking weekend breakfast together
TV Show
30 Rock
The Good Place
TV Show Character
Liz Lemon
Syndey Bristow
Type of Music
Folk, Hip Hop
Folk, Pop, Hip Hop
Vacation Spot
The Rocky Mountains
The beach with our kids and nieces and nephews
Video Game
Goldeneye 007

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