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Tom & Kim

Our role as parents is the greatest blessing, it's what we were made for. We dream of the day we get to welcome another child into our home - a home that is filled with so much love, joy, laughter, and an extremely excited big sister! Please know that we recognize how incredibly brave you are and that we are praying for you as you search for a family for your child. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for considering our family.

About Us

Field Supervisor
Stay-at-Home Mom
Electrical Engineering
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Legally Married

Our Child

Christmas Jam Sessions

Our hearts burst at the seams just imagining our children growing up together. Reese, our three year old, has such a generous, tender heart. Sure, we have those "threenager" moments, but we're consistently blown away by how sweet and thoughtful she is. Seeing her with her little cousins gives us a glimpse into how she'll be as a sister. When one of the babies are crying, we notice that she'll disappear into the other room, come back with a toy in hand, and try to hand it to the baby to make him feel better. She's gentle, and she's so kind.

A Sunday Walk

On top of it, she keeps us laughing nonstop. Somehow our little baby has grown into a little kid with the best sense of humor and the wildest imagination. She makes life so fun.

Reese is so excited about gaining a brother or sister. If you ask her, she wants both! Since we've both grown up with siblings and are extremely close with them, we know how special those bonds can be. Reese will be an absolutely incredible big sister and a lifelong best friend! Our future children will be so blessed to have each other!

Our Leisure Time

Enjoying Nature

Our days are full of adventure. Since Kim is able to stay at home with our daughter, we fill our time with as much fresh air and exploring as possible. One of our favorite places to visit on a weekly basis is a botanical garden with over a thousand acres of gardens, meadows, scenic trails, and fountain shows. It is our happy place! As a family, we love to hike the preserved nature center down the road which is full of gorgeous, open spaces with rolling hills, rocky trails, and plenty of streams to splash in and creek life to explore. It is a kid's (and parent's) dream. Since we live near the water, we also love to go fishing, build sand castles at the beach, or just enjoy some live music at a restaurant on the bay. We often take advantage of living a short drive from multiple surrounding cities and all they have to offer - especially museums, historical landmarks, aquariums, and sports games - Go Eagles! As much as we like being out and about, we also enjoy the time we're at home too. You can often find us playing basketball in the driveway, having friends and family over for outdoor movie nights, making s'mores around the fire pit, or just relaxing while doing a puzzle or reading... we certainly have no shortage of books to enjoy. Really, as long as we're together, we're having fun and making sweet memories. Time together is such a gift and we can't wait for the day that another little adventurer is added to our family.

Discussing Adoption

Vacation Sunset

We want this child to know what an incredible, selfless decision their birth family made. We want this precious babe to grow up knowing that their birth mother loved them so much that she made the decision she thought was best despite the heartache it cost her. We don't want them to be surprised so we plan on explaining adoption in age-appropriate ways early on, incorporating lots of books and leaning on our adoption community, so that their history and their unique story feels natural and one that originated out of a tremendous amount of love.

Our hope is that both of our families grow through this adoption; that we both gain supportive, extended family relationships that will bless this child their entire life. Please know, whatever your preferences and comfort levels are as the birth family, we will respect them and we will only ever speak highly of you and your selfless decision because we truly have the utmost respect for every woman considering this choice.


Easter Egg Hunts
Easter Egg Hunts
At the Corn Maze
At the Corn Maze
Family Beach Fun
Family Beach Fun
Do You Want to Build a Snowman
Do You Want to Build a Snowman
Go Eagles!
Go Eagles!
Hugging Daddy
Hugging Daddy
All Dressed Up for Aunt Erin's Wedding
All Dressed Up for Aunt Erin's Wedding
Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Always Laughing
Always Laughing
Family Hike
Family Hike
Family Snuggles
Family Snuggles
Visiting the Garden Conservatory
Visiting the Garden Conservatory
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Easter Egg Hunts
Easter Egg Hunts
2 / 12
At the Corn Maze
At the Corn Maze
3 / 12
Family Beach Fun
Family Beach Fun
4 / 12
Do You Want to Build a Snowman
Do You Want to Build a Snowman
5 / 12
Go Eagles!
Go Eagles!
6 / 12
Hugging Daddy
Hugging Daddy
7 / 12
All Dressed Up for Aunt Erin's Wedding
All Dressed Up for Aunt Erin's Wedding
8 / 12
Christmas Party
Christmas Party
9 / 12
Always Laughing
Always Laughing
10 / 12
Family Hike
Family Hike
11 / 12
Family Snuggles
Family Snuggles
12 / 12
Visiting the Garden Conservatory
Visiting the Garden Conservatory

Our Extended Families

Holding Cousin Cole

Both sides of our family cannot wait to welcome another child and they are every bit as excited as we are! Tom has a large extended family who are mostly local. They are so fun and family-oriented; we look forward to huge family reunions every year and lots of visits in between! The only immediate family member of Tom's who isn't local is his brother in Florida but we love heading down there for visits as well!

Family Time

Kim's family lives nearby and we love getting together at least once a week. Whether it's a hot, summer day in Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's pool with the cousins or bundling up for a fun snow day on their perfect sledding hills, we love being together and making treasured memories.

We can't wait to welcome this child into our loving family. They will be spoiled by all 4 grandparents, they'll look up to all of their caring aunts and uncles, and they'll have a blast with their 8 (and counting!) cousins. Your child will be welcomed with dozens of open arms and hearts!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a bright & spacious yet cozy home in Maryland. We have plenty of room to run around, both inside and out! One of our favorite things about our house is living right across from a horse farm. Our daughter especially loves walking over to say hi to the horses and feed them some carrots or apples. When we want to visit other animals, we head down the road to our local zoo which is such a treat to have nearby.

Our neighborhood is incredible and we love its tight-knit community feeling. We have lots of young families in the neighborhood, many of whom move here specifically for our great school district. We have multiple, annual events including a summer BBQ, flag football on Thanksgiving morning, and other fun holiday-specific activities. Not to mention, our neighbors set off some of the best fireworks we've ever seen! On a cool summer night, you can find us in our backyard having an outdoor movie night, our friends and their kiddos sitting on blankets near the fire pit, watching the projector screen on the side of our house. We're so grateful to live in a fun community full of people who care about their neighbors. This past year during the pandemic, multiple families came up with fun ideas for the kids in the neighborhood including chalk obstacle courses and teddy bear scavenger hunts. We feel so fortunate to live where we do and we know all of our kids will love it too.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for learning more about us. We hope we've communicated our hearts well and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be considered as an adoptive family. Whether or not you choose us for your precious child, we are prayerful about every birth mother's journey. We greatly admire your courage, your selflessness, and your choice.

We simply cannot wait to meet whoever God leads to us and we trust in His plan and timing. When that day comes, we will give that child every bit of our hearts. They will know love unconditionally, not only from the two of us but from the world's best big sister, four amazing grandparents, wonderful aunts and uncles, cousins galore, and countless, supportive friends. And, of course, from our sweet rescue pup, Riley (our three-legged first daughter).

We've covered a lot of how we spend our days, what led us to adoption, and our hopes and dreams for the future. Until the wonderful day we can meet you and talk face-to-face, we hope these written words leave you with a genuine sense of who we are. We have been married for 7 wonderful years. We are truly best friends who love just being around each other and making one another laugh. As you can probably tell from our profile, we love enjoying the outdoors, music, being creative, and time with our dear friends and family.

Our joy shot up to the next level when we became parents and had another little best friend in our family. But we're also familiar with heartache and difficult seasons of life. Sometimes the waves seem unrelenting. We went through a particularly rough season that was painful, specifically in regards to our newfound infertility, but during that time we grew so much. In hindsight, the road that led us to where we are today is so beautiful and purposeful. We grew together in our relationship, we grew together as a new family of 3, and we grew in our faith which is the solid foundation on which we stand. We know that God is good and has a plan even though we can't make out the details of it yet. He knows and that brings us tremendous peace. It's a peace we pray you experience as well as you plan the future for your child.

As you envision that future, we want you to know that we promise to keep in touch through email and letters. We would love to share pictures and stories so you can see the adventures they take, the milestones they reach, the little person they're growing up to be. You will always be a part of our lives and a part of our family in a very special way. Please know that regardless of your preferences for contact with your child, we will always honor you in our family. We so look forward to meeting you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to get to know our family.

With love,

Tom & Kim


Morgan Freeman
Leonardo DiCaprio
Emily Blunt
Julia Roberts
C.S. Lewis
Pilgrim's Progress
Crazy Love
Candy Bar
Reese's Cup
Kit Kat
Tom & Jerry
Looney Tunes
Childhood Memory
Disney World
Cutting down our Christmas tree
Childhood Toy
Power Wheels Jeep
Children's Book
The Berenstain Bears
The B.F.G.
Classic Movie
The Deer Hunter
The Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Carrot Cake
Apple crisp
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Dream Job
Stay-at-home mom!
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Beach trips
Flower / Plant
Weeping willow tree
Easter hyacinths
Caesar salad/wrap
Form of Exercise
Running or basketball
Wits & Wagers
Holiday Song
O Night Divine
Christmas Time Is Here
Holiday Tradition
Driving around to see Christmas lights
Cutting down our Christmas tree on Black Friday and decorating inside & out!
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mint chocolate chip
Junk Food
Chocolate Chip Cookies
White cheddar popcorn
Leisure Activity
Reading outside in the sun
Memory with a Child
Daddy date at the creek, skipping rocks
Hatching duckling eggs at home
Memory with Spouse
Sightseeing in New York
Our honeymoon in Aruba
The Shawshank Redemption
Movie Munchie
Chuckles or popcorn
Movie Type
Comedy or drama
Drama or documentary
Musical Group
Judah & the Lion
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Beach volleyball
Quality about my Spouse
She's such a nurturer and so sentimental
His smile
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. - Apostle Paul
Local Mexican restaurants
Any place with a good cheeseburger
Turkey reuben
Chicken Caesar wrap
Romans 5:8
Psalm 91:4
Shopping Store
Dick's Sporting Goods
Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay
Ventura Highway
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Nick Foles
Sports Team
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Burgers on the grill
Time of Day
Late morning
Beach trips
Christmas dinner with family
TV Show
The Office
The Office
TV Show Character
Michael Scott
Michael Scott
Type of Music
Alternative rock; Motown
Anything 90s, classic rock
Vacation Spot
Any beach
Video Game
Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Kart

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