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What You Need to Know About Closed Adoption in Florida

As you begin your adoption journey, you might have questions about closed adoption in Florida. 

When most people think of adoption, they tend to think of closed adoption in Florida. In the past, this was the most common type of adoption practiced in the United States. However, it’s rarely practiced today. This is because many adoptees grew up not knowing they were adopted, and if they did know, they were unable to connect with their birth families. Adoptees who experienced this type of adoption often struggled with identity issues, as well.

These days, most modern adoptions are open adoptions.

Open adoptions mean that you and your child’s birth mother – and sometimes birth father – will develop an ongoing relationship. You’ll send pictures and letters to them on a regular basis, as well as have phone calls, send texts and possibly meet each other in person.

If you have questions about the different kinds of adoption and you’d like to speak with an adoption professional who can answer your questions on a more personal level, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION now. An adoption specialist from American Adoptions will answer your questions about adoption and whether open or closed adoption in Florida is right for you.

What is Closed Adoption in Florida?

Simply put, closed adoption in Florida means that you will not have contact with your child’s birth mother after the adoption takes place.

Most of the time, you will not exchange any identifying information, including last names, locations or even phone numbers.

With this type of adoption, your child will not communicate with their birth mother as they grow up. In fact, there will be no additional contact after placement.

What Are the Benefits of Closed Adoption in Florida?

Ultimately, the birth mother gets to choose what type of adoption will work best for her. It’s important that all adoptive families be open to the idea of open adoption. This is generally the best scenario for adoptees since it means they’ll grow up knowing they are loved by each member of the adoption triad. They’ll also have the chance to ask their birth mother personal questions, such as why she chose adoption.

That said, not every birth mother wants to choose an open adoption.

Some birth mothers believe that a closed adoption in Florida is the best type of adoption for them.

This could be due to:

  • An unsafe living situation
  • A desire to move forward after the adoption
  • Wanting to keep the adoption a secret

Just as no two adoptive families are completely alike, no two birth mothers are alike, either.

A birth mother has the right to choose open, semi-open or closed adoption for herself and her baby.

What Do Birth Mothers Have to Say About Adoption?

One of the best ways to find out more about closed adoption facts in Florida and what your future adoption might look like is to read birth mother testimonials.

Birth mothers who consider adoption for their baby are faced with a difficult choice and need to consider not only who the best parents for their child will be but also the open and closed adoption pros and cons in Florida.

Adoption is a very personal experience. Birth moms want to choose the best possible future for their child, and sometimes that means picking out different parents for their baby.

Michelle, a birth parent specialist here at American Adoptions, is also an experienced birth mother. She chose open adoption for her son. Here’s what she has to say when describing their adoption experience.

“I have kept in touch with the family, and they have kept their promise to send pictures and letters with updates of all the activities he is involved in.  Over the years, I have been able to see all the wonderful things he has been able to do. He plays basketball, baseball, soccer, and even has tried wrestling. He also had the opportunity to go on a jet ski and go on the boat at his parent’s lake house.  He has all these opportunities because of adoption.”

If you have specific questions about what it’s like to be a birth mother, you can reach out directly to Michelle on the American Adoptions website, and she will get back to you.

Starting the Adoption Process

When you’re ready to start your adoption journey, it’s vital that you choose an adoption professional who can help you along the way and explain the closed adoption pros and cons in Florida.

The right adoption team should offer you support, guidance and encouragement throughout each step of the adoption process.

Here at American Adoptions, for example, we work to support you from start to finish.

Our adoption specialists will help you:

  • Complete your APQ
  • Prepare for your home study
  • Complete your home study
  • Create your waiting family profile
  • Match with a birth mother
  • And more

We will also help provide post-placement support as you navigate the closing and finalization of your child’s adoption.

Our team has helped create over 13,000 families – and we’d love to help you create yours.

Call 1-800-ADOPTION today to get started or complete our online contact form.

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