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Ken & Jenn

We are both so excited to be on this journey and feel honored that you are considering us and hope that we can be the right family for you. We have been able to experience life together for the last 10 years and are ready to share our love with a child. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

About Us

Senior Manager
Practice Manager
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Business- Marketing and HR
Legally Married

Our Life Priorities

Hiking at Mt. Baker

Our personal relationships take priority in our lives. We prioritize our marriage, making sure we take time each day to connect with each other and make sure to end each evening cooking dinner together and discussing our days. We love to laugh, take small day adventures, or just sit down and play a game together as we share new knowledge or a funny story.

Our families are a huge priority in our lives no matter how far away we find time to celebrate holidays, personal milestones or just everyday life. We talk on the phone with each of them regularly and are blessed to enjoy family dinners at least once a month with those living closest to us. We have enjoyed watching our niece and nephew develop into young adults and have cheered them along in baseball games, dance recitals, confirmation into the church and Eagle Award ceremonies sharing the same proud feeling that their own parents felt.

Our close friends are considered family; we enjoy opening our home to them for just a quick hello or for games and barbecue on the back deck. We have been blessed to watch and encourage them though their own marriages, children and new businesses and are blessed to have them as a key part of our lives.

Our Leisure Time

Traveling in Maui

As a couple we enjoy a wide variety of activities but exploring new areas near and far tends to be top on our list. Living in Western Washington gives us the opportunity to take a day trip to the mountains, to the sound or to a town close to us we have not been able to experience together. We also enjoy taking trips further away to explore new areas, new traditions and to spend time with family and friends. One of our favorite trips would have to include our trip to Maui where we explored the beaches with family and friends, went ATVing in the countryside and experienced new cultural heritage and foods. We are excited to experience our travels through the eyes of our child and find new things to discover in new areas and some of our all-time favorite areas.

In the summer we love to take the short trip to our family lake cabin. Here we can go boating, swimming and exploring as well as settling in on the deck to play games, share stories and soak up time with our friends and family. Jenn was blessed to experience this as a child, and we are excited to share these adventures with our own child.

At home, we love to cook together, try new recipes or make up the recipe as we go, playing games as a couple or with our friends and family and working in our yard and any new house project we can create.

Cultural Diversity

We both enjoy and embrace diversity in our lives, whether in our work environment or in our personal lives. Both of us have used our love of travel and genealogy to help spark opportunities to expand our horizons in terms of cultural exposure. Whether this is for our own cultural heritage or outside our familial heritage, we are excited to share and learn about other cultures with our child. We look at the possibility of our child having a cultural heritage different than ours as a positive and are eager to not just learn alongside our child but to also be a member of that community.


At a Garth Brooks Concert
At a Garth Brooks Concert
Luau With Family & Friends
Luau With Family & Friends
Fun in the Snow
Fun in the Snow
Hiking at Lake Diablo
Hiking at Lake Diablo
Ken Playing Games at the Cabin
Ken Playing Games at the Cabin
A Night Out Together
A Night Out Together
Jenn & Our Niece at Riverdance
Jenn & Our Niece at Riverdance
Our Amazing Cat - Ivan
Our Amazing Cat - Ivan
At Our Nephew's Eagle Scout Celebration
At Our Nephew's Eagle Scout Celebration
Hiking at the Family Lake Cabin
Hiking at the Family Lake Cabin
Happy Together
Happy Together
At a Tulip Festival
At a Tulip Festival
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At a Garth Brooks Concert
At a Garth Brooks Concert
2 / 12
Luau With Family & Friends
Luau With Family & Friends
3 / 12
Fun in the Snow
Fun in the Snow
4 / 12
Hiking at Lake Diablo
Hiking at Lake Diablo
5 / 12
Ken Playing Games at the Cabin
Ken Playing Games at the Cabin
6 / 12
A Night Out Together
A Night Out Together
7 / 12
Jenn & Our Niece at Riverdance
Jenn & Our Niece at Riverdance
8 / 12
Our Amazing Cat - Ivan
Our Amazing Cat - Ivan
9 / 12
At Our Nephew's Eagle Scout Celebration
At Our Nephew's Eagle Scout Celebration
10 / 12
Hiking at the Family Lake Cabin
Hiking at the Family Lake Cabin
11 / 12
Happy Together
Happy Together
12 / 12
At a Tulip Festival
At a Tulip Festival

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a town just north of Seattle providing us with a small-town feel with easy access to the Puget Sound and the mountains. We are only a short trip to the big city of Seattle or North to the quirky town of Bellingham. Our neighborhood is located within walking distance of the elementary school and middle school and close enough to the high school that we can hear the marching band practice each fall. Our neighborhood is growing with new families, and we look forward to our children playing with the neighborhood kids. We are close to playgrounds, biking trails, and the farmers market that is enjoyed each summer. We enjoy many festivities right in our community including the Strawberry Festival and Aquafest which we can attend each summer, and the tulip festival that happens each spring. With so much to explore from the beach to the mountains right in our backyard, we are always able to take day adventures.

We live in a ranch-style house with 3 bedrooms. Over the last few years, we have been able to completely remodel which has been an adventure. We love having everyone gather in the kitchen as we cook dinner or on the back deck as we BBQ. Our backyard is fully fenced with a large yard which makes it one of our favorite places to gather with friends and family. We look forward to our children playing on the swing set and helping grow our garden.

Our Extended Families

Jenn's Family

Our extended families are spread throughout Washington State.

We are blessed to live about 15 minutes from where Ken was raised and where his parents still live. Ken's sister and her husband also live about 15 minutes away. We frequently gather with Ken's family to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just for fun. With many home remodeling projects at our house, we have spent many weekends and weekdays with Ken's parents who helped us on our remodeling journey.

Family & Friends at Our Wedding

Jenn's mom lives about 5 hours away in Eastern Washington. She lives about 5 minutes from Jenn's brother, his wife, and 2 children. Family is a priority for both of us, so we make many trips to visit and support our niece and nephew in all their activities. We take many trips to Idaho to visit Jenn's grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This time is spent going to lunch and playing card games. In the summer we are grateful to spend time at Jenn's family lake cabin where we can spend time with all the family playing games, exploring, boating, and swimming.

Closer to home we like to surround ourselves with our close friends playing games and barbecuing. Our family and friends share our excitement with our adoption journey and are excited to welcome and share love with a child.

From Us to You

Hello! Our names are Ken and Jenn, and we are grateful that you are considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We believe that we can offer a child a safe, loving, and happy home, filled with joy, laughter, and adventure. We are ready to welcome a child into our hearts and our family and promise to always cherish and love them with all our hearts.

As a couple, we initially bonded over similar interests in travel and photography, but this quickly grew to be more inclusive of every new hobby and project we took on together. We come from different areas of our home state, Jenn grew up in a more rural part of the state and had a family that was rooted in agriculture while Ken grew up in a more urban part of the state with exposure to larger industries and local government. Even being raised in different environments, we found that both of our families were grounded in our beliefs and focused on family first. Both of us have fond memories of family events, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and a variety of sporting events that we are looking to provide for our own family. We feel that our greatest goal at this point in our lives is to open our home and our hearts to a child with whom we can share these experiences.

We are both college graduates, although we took very different paths in reaching these achievements. We feel that education is incredibly valuable and has created opportunities for us as a result. Jenn has a degree in Marketing and Human Resources and works in management for a regional medical provider, which is a great fit for her natural ability to empathize and care for those around her. She has 50 employees that report to her and is a mother figure to every one of them, providing guidance and help whenever possible. Her passion lies in helping others, whether it is in the workplace or with our extended families, she always has others on her mind and takes great pride in her ability to provide assistance when others are in need. Ken has a degree in Business Administration and currently works for a large telecommunications company with a focus on network engineering. His passion lies in the ability to lead others and feels that he is at his best when he can lift up others to achieve their goals.

We want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt admiration and appreciation for your selflessness in considering adoption. We understand this may be a difficult and emotional time for you, and we want you to know that we are here to support you throughout this journey.

We can only imagine how difficult this must be for you, but we want you to know that you are not alone. We know that this decision is not an easy one, and we want to assure you that we will provide your child with a safe, secure, and loving home. We have been preparing for this for a long time, and we are committed to being the best parents we can be. We are ready to offer a child a stable and nurturing environment, full of love, support, and opportunity.

We are incredibly humbled and grateful for you taking the time to consider us and the adoption process. We know you are starting a process that will require you to make many decisions and we feel that our role is to give you as much information about our family as possible.

We are committed to maintaining an open and honest relationship with you. We believe that communication and mutual respect are essential in ensuring that your child grows up with a clear understanding of their background and history. We are open to keeping in touch with you through letters, photos, and visits if that is something you would like.

Ken & Jenn


Bruce Willis
Tom Hanks
Melissa McCarthy
Meryl Streep
Hugh Howey
John Grisham
Ready Player One
A Time to Kill & Where the Crawdads Sing
Candy Bar
Three Musketeers
Kit Kat
Masters of the Universe
Care Bears
Childhood Memory
4th of July at Great-Grandmothers
Family Christmas at Grandparents & Family Time at Lake
Childhood Toy
Pound Puppies
Children's Book
Narnia Series & Hardy Boys
Flawed Dogs
Oslo, Norway
Savannah, GA
Classic Movie
To Kill A Mockingbird
Pretty Woman
Blue & Green
Day of Week
Butterscotch Pudding
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Robin Hood
Beauty & the Beast
Dream Car
1968 Camaro
1965 Corvette
Dream Job
Forest Service Ranger
Family Photographer
Dream Vacation
New Zealand
A trip to Italy
Family Activity
Board games at the lake cabin
Games on the deck at the family cabin & exploring new areas
Flower / Plant
Cherry Tomato Plant
Peach Roses
Asian Fusion Tacos
Form of Exercise
Trivial Pursuit
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
4th of July
Holiday Song
Do They Know It's Christmas
Happy Xmas (War is Over)
Holiday Tradition
Driving around to look at Christmas lights
Decorating the Christmas tree as a family & Large family Christmas gathering
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Chocolate chip cookies
Leisure Activity
Walking on the beach
Nintendo Power
Food Network Magazine
Memory with a Child
Nephew's Eagle Ceremony
Most my memories with my niece & Nephew- but favorite would be exploring at the family cabin
Memory with Spouse
ATV adventure in Maui
Trip to Victoria and ATVs in Maui
The Devil Wears Prada
Movie Munchie
Buttered Popcorn
Popcorn with M&Ms
Movie Quote
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important." - The Help
Movie Type
Musical Group
Temple of the Dog
The Beatles
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Downhill Skiing
Personal Hero
Paternal Grandfather
My Dad & Maternal Grandfather
Death of a Salesman
Edgar Allan Poe
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Compassionate & Thoughtful
It takes a disciplined person to listen to convictions which are different from their own.
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Maya Angelou
Hudson's Hamburgers
Turkey Club
Turkey Cranberry with Cream Cheese
1 Corinthians 16:14- Let all you do be done in love.
Shopping Store
High Hopes & It's a Little Bit of Everything
Humble and Kind - Tim McGraw & Can't help falling in love- Kina Grannis
Sport to Play
Beach Volleyball
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Willie Mays
Geno Smith
Sports Team
Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks
Subject in School
Civics & Statistics
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Time of Day
Just before sunrise
Valentine's Day at the Drive-In movies
4th of July fireworks & BBQ at the lake
TV Show
24 & Station Eleven
TV Show Character
Jack Reacher
Michael Scott- The Office
Type of Music
Some of all types
A little bit of everything
Vacation Spot
Lake cabin in Idaho
Family cabin on Coeur d'Alene Lake
Video Game
Fallout series
Super Mario Bros

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