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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Moises & Zuzana

Adoption is a beautiful thing we are honored to be part of. Thank you for reading and joining our journey and considering us to be the parents of your child; we cannot be more thrilled! Starting a family has been a big dream for us and we have finally arrived at a place where our dream of welcoming a baby to our family is possible. Thank you so much for your unconditional love.

About Us

Program Analyst
Research Analyst
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology
Legally Married

How We Met

Our Trip to Tuscany

Like most people in today’s day and age of social media, we met through an online dating site. It was back in 2014 when Moises was relocating from California to his new assignment with the Marine Corps in Virginia. Our first communication was mainly just texting and phone calls until we decided to take the next step to meet in person in early 2015. At first sight and during our first meeting we felt very comfortable with each other and learned we share a lot in common despite our different backgrounds and upbringing. Zuzana was quite nervous about meeting Moises for the first time, but all her worries melted away soon after. She fell in love with his personality right away, with how smart, determined, and approachable yet very caring and sensitive he is.

Our first meeting turned into many more to follow. We made it work even though we each lived in different states. Not being together during the week made us want to see each other even more as time went by. Needless to say, our relationship grew stronger and stronger. We eventually got married in 2016 embarking on many new adventures, adding the most adorable mini dachshund pup Hunter to our growing family in 2021, and moving to Florida in 2022.

Our Pet

Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Our Hunter is a miniature dachshund pup. It was love at first sight seeing his puppy pictures in early 2021, but nothing compares to the day we finally got to meet him. Barely weighing 3 pounds, all so fragile, with his tail wagging nonstop like car wipers in heavy Florida rain.

You never know how much love you can have for a pet until you have one. He is the love of our lives and we cannot picture life without him. He is always up for playing, which includes random times like midnight or 4 am.

We absolutely love when we are coming home and we know that someone is very excited to see us, jumping all over us and trying to take a leap into our arms, even with his short, tiny legs.

He is for sure our spoiled royalty and we would not have it any other way. He taught us to give all the love there is, all day every day, through unconditional love.

Our Childhood Memories

Visiting Zuzana's Family in the Czech Republic

Zuzana's childhood memories go back to spending her summer breaks at her grandma’s house in the countryside. Her grandma would take on the very challenging task of hosting eight of her grandkids! She loved those times by the nearby pond we used to swim in, ride the bike, or stay up till late at night talking. Behind the house was a huge garden with every fruit and vegetable you can think of, cherry and pear tree, walnut and hazelnut tree, herbs, strawberries, potatoes, gooseberries, currents, and more. She used to also have bunnies, chickens, and our dear dachshund Lumpik who ran off every time he got a chance. She cannot thank my grandma enough for all her tough love and her immense dedication to her family. She has such fond memories and she will be ever so grateful for the time spent together. Like Zuzana, Moises enjoyed spending time outside, too. He enjoyed riding his bicycle everywhere around his neighborhood. Every once in a while, he would go and visit his mother at work. She worked at an insurance company. He would sit at a desk and play with the rubber bands, staple forms for her, and visit other offices where her friends worked at.


Ziplining Fun in the Dominican  Republic
Ziplining Fun in the Dominican Republic
At Last -  Harvest Time
At Last - Harvest Time
Visiting Lake Powell in Arizona
Visiting Lake Powell in Arizona
Visiting the Colosseum in Rome
Visiting the Colosseum in Rome
What a Climb!
What a Climb!
Lighthouse Visit in St. Augustine
Lighthouse Visit in St. Augustine
Visiting Everything Las Vegas Has to Offer
Visiting Everything Las Vegas Has to Offer
The Biltmore Gardens in North Carolina
The Biltmore Gardens in North Carolina
Swimming Lessons for Hunter
Swimming Lessons for Hunter
Someone Loves His Comic Books
Someone Loves His Comic Books
Relaxing at the Caesar's Hotel in Las Vegas
Relaxing at the Caesar's Hotel in Las Vegas
Just the Two of Us!
Just the Two of Us!
1 / 12
Ziplining Fun in the Dominican  Republic
Ziplining Fun in the Dominican Republic
2 / 12
At Last -  Harvest Time
At Last - Harvest Time
3 / 12
Visiting Lake Powell in Arizona
Visiting Lake Powell in Arizona
4 / 12
Visiting the Colosseum in Rome
Visiting the Colosseum in Rome
5 / 12
What a Climb!
What a Climb!
6 / 12
Lighthouse Visit in St. Augustine
Lighthouse Visit in St. Augustine
7 / 12
Visiting Everything Las Vegas Has to Offer
Visiting Everything Las Vegas Has to Offer
8 / 12
The Biltmore Gardens in North Carolina
The Biltmore Gardens in North Carolina
9 / 12
Swimming Lessons for Hunter
Swimming Lessons for Hunter
10 / 12
Someone Loves His Comic Books
Someone Loves His Comic Books
11 / 12
Relaxing at the Caesar's Hotel in Las Vegas
Relaxing at the Caesar's Hotel in Las Vegas
12 / 12
Just the Two of Us!
Just the Two of Us!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

Florida - Our home is located on the west side of Florida and is nested in a beautiful development community that is more than just a neighborhood. It is a place where residents from all walks of life come together to form friendships. From intimate social gatherings of friends and family to community-wide events, there is always something for everyone. Whether it’s visiting the pool, clubhouse or fitness, being on the walk with our pup, or through the countless events and parties (luaus, pool parties, Easter egg hunt, barbeques) this community has it all.

July 4th fireworks come with a contest of decorating bikes and golf carts and food trucks like Wicked Oak BBQ with yummy ribs, or Sweet Island Snow with delicious Shark Attack shave ice, offering a variety of unique food.

It is a very family-oriented community with many children around and we are very excited to share it with our future addition to the family. Our neighborhood has a great school system from private accredited preschools with premier early education, a high-rated elementary school, middle school, and high school. Our community also offers plenty of outdoor amenities and a vast network of picturesque nature trails with picnic areas and local wildlife. If we are lucky enough to share our home with a little one, he or she will love all the playgrounds and play games with her/his new friends. Imagining sharing our community brings us so much joy.

Our Extended Families

Visiting Family in the Dominican Republic

We both find ourselves laughing and reminiscing at times about the idea of two people from different countries finding a way into each other’s hearts. Moises was born in the Dominican Republic, and Zuzana in the Czech Republic. Yet, our first meeting and our marriage took place in the United States. We are extremely lucky to have met so many friends along the journey we call a family, with Friendsgiving dinner every year as a tradition. Everyone brings their traditional dish from their country like schnitzels, apple strudel, sancocho, or arepa.

With Moises' Brother

Our family is very diverse, having our relatives all over in many places. Zuzana has four siblings and stays in touch via video calls and visits. We hope Zuzana’s Mom comes and stays with us for a long time when our family is complete. Zuzana’s sister-in-law and her best friend’s husband were both adopted, two wonderful individuals dear to our hearts. Moises came to Florida as a teenager to live with his brothers and later joined the Marine Corps. His love for the USA has taken him to places like Italy, South Korea, and California, just to name a few, during his enlistment.

We moved from Maryland to Florida in 2022 to be close to Moises’ family, so they can become part of our child’s life. Everyone is excited about our decision to adopt. We have so much love to offer and it would be our privilege to share our unique family traditions and travel adventures together.

From Us to You

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and tell you about our family. We are Zuzana and Moises, and our beautiful pup Hunter. We met in 2015 and got married in 2016. Hunter joined our family in April of 2021 and is our forever baby and the boss of the family.

Your unconditional love for your unborn child led you to consider adoption as a possibility, a decision full of love words that cannot be expressed. We recognize this is a difficult decision to make and hope we can be part of that process with you. We are very happy you have chosen our profile to read and learn more about us and our family.

We fully plan to maintain contact with you if you wish to. We will send update emails and exchange phone numbers to text and send photos. We also plan to share the adoption process with the child when it is appropriate to do so. From reading children’s books to having direct conversations when the child is older, the topic of adoption will not be foreign to the child. Luckily, American Adoptions has plenty of resources dealing on the subject and great recommendations. We are open to meeting and getting to know you and your support network and come to a mutual agreement on the frequency of contact and the means by which to do so through. The more we can learn from you, the better we can tell your story with the respect it deserves.

We are a normal family who is multi-cultural, and multi-racial. We speak three languages, including English, in our households. Our child will benefit from learning not only about his/her background but also about our individual journeys from foreign countries and becoming American citizens and sharing our love for this country. We travel to many places and hope to add one more person to our family trips to unique places. For example, as a Military veteran, our family qualifies for a lifetime pass to all National Parks. We are hoping to introduce our child to these great places and when the time is right, to our own countries of birth to meet his/her extended families.

Our neighborhood has excellent schools, from elementary to high school, all within a few miles radius. We are both great cooks and do make traditional dishes from our home countries along with American foods and others.

Our pup Hunter cannot wait to have a sibling and to become best friends and create memories together. We believe that our greatest responsibility for our child is to be loved, supported, and guided to reach her/his given potential. We will be thrilled and honored if given the chance to become parents to your child. We cannot wait to share letters and pictures with you to see all the milestones in this child’s life.

We are excited to become part of your family if you allow us to do so. We are also looking forward to beginning this journey together.

Much love,

Moises & Zuzana


Tom Hanks
Morgan Freeman
Sandra Bullock
Meryl Streep
Henry George
Agatha Christie
Progress and Poverty
The Da Vinci Code
Candy Bar
3 musketeers
Looney Toones
Krtek- Little mole
Childhood Memory
Family trips to the beach
Sending summer breaks at my Grandma's in the coutryside with my siblings and cousins
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Krtek- Little mole and his friends
Classic Movie
Field of Dreams
Day of Week
Apple Strudel
Disney Movie
Lion King
The toy story
Dream Car
Audi RS6 Avant
Dream Job
Comic Book store owner
Lab manager
Dream Vacation
Visit all of Europe
Any place with my family
Family Activity
Gathering with friends
Flower / Plant
Fried Chicken
Salmon, rice, beans, vegetables
Form of Exercise
card games
Comic Book collecting,
Holiday Song
Feliz Navidad
Holiday Tradition
Gathering with family
Ice Cream
mint chocolate chip
Junk Food
taco bell
Leisure Activity
video games
tuner magazine
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
First time I held my niece
When a girl I babysat wanted me to be her Mom- very sweet
Memory with Spouse
trip back home for her, first time in over a decade she had been home
The way my husband proposed.
Back to the future
Shawshank Redemption
Movie Munchie
frozen green grapes
Movie Quote
Hasta la vista baby
Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.
Movie Type
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Old Mac Donald had a farm
Olympic Event
100 meters
Personal Hero
My Dad
Rossum's Universal Robots
Karel Capek
Quality about my Spouse
Her awesome laugh
Communication, respect, love
My husband happy place
Any Mexican Restaurant
Grilled cheese with tomato
Egg sandwich
Shopping Store
I will always love you
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Dan Marino
Michael Schumacher
Sports Team
Miami Dolphins
Washington Capitals
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Rice and Beans
Soups, stews
Time of Day
TV Show
Big bang theory
The big bang theory
TV Show Character
Sheldon Cooper
Type of Music
Pop, Latin
Vacation Spot
Mostly tropical places
Hometown Olomouc
Video Game
Elden Ring

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