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Brett & Abby

We are so thankful that you are reading this and looking at our profile right now! We have one adopted son and he is excited, just like us, to add a new member to our family. We are very excited to get to know you and try to begin to express our gratitude for the gift you will be giving us.

About Us

Stay-at-Home Mom
Associate's Degree in Architecture and Business Management
Bachelor's Degree in English Literature
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

We All Love Christmas!

Adoption has already touched our lives in the most wonderful way - through the adoption of our son, Isaiah. Isaiah is a very talkative, extremely bright bundle of energy (and joy)!

We adopted Isaiah when he was one day old, and met his birth mother a couple months before his birth. We have an open relationship with her now.

Isaiah has always been smiling and laughing - obviously babies aren't born doing that, but it's hard to think of a time when he wasn't doing either of those things! He goes to preschool four days a week, in preparation for kindergarten in September. He loves sports - he has done soccer, t-ball, and recently began basketball - all at our local YMCA. Isaiah is so excited to be a big brother! We have added to our "nighttime prayers" a prayer for his baby brother or sister, who he is very anxious to meet.

Fun Facts About Us:

Brett Enjoys Playing Golf & Is Teaching Isaiah!

  • We love Ohio State football, University of Kentucky basketball, and Kansas University basketball. Our wedding (almost 10 years ago) was during the college basketball tournament in March, and we had guests sign a Kansas (Brett) or Kentucky (Abby) basketball at the reception.
  • Abby loves to cook-especially desserts! - and we have a special "safety stool" for Isaiah, and any other kids when they're old enough!, to stand on next to mom and help out while she is cooking. Every year, the family makes Christmas cookies together to take to our neighbors-and sing a Christmas carol!
  • Brett is a very good golfer. (Abby is bragging on him here!) When he gets a chance, he plays with his father, who taught him all he knows! Abby has a membership at a Pilates studio and attends regular group classes at the local YMCA - which is very close to where we live. BarrĂ© class is her favorite!
  • Our Faith Is an Important Part of Our Lives

    Happy Easter!

    We are both Christians, and attend a non-denominational church about 20 minutes from our house. We love our church and the solid doctrine they hold to while emphasizing and displaying the accepting love of God and Christ so well.

    Isaiah has lots of great friends that he attends Sunday School with, as we are sure the child you are carrying will. There are just tons of children at our church! They do vacation bible school in the summer, and both of us assist with caring for kids during the service monthly.

    A member of our church is the pastor who married us. Brett grew up Catholic, and attended a Kairos camp in college. Abby grew up going to Presbyterian churches with her family. In high school and college she was very involved with Young Life, a Christian ministry for high school kids. We both have helped out with Young Life through people we know at our church as well.

    Adoption is a perfect action to relate to religious beliefs, we think, because we believe God is a loving father and cares for each of us individually.


    On Vacation Together
    On Vacation Together
    Abby Helping With Isaiah's Soccer Team
    Abby Helping With Isaiah's Soccer Team
    Hiking on Vacation
    Hiking on Vacation
    Fun at Disney World
    Fun at Disney World
    Happy Together
    Happy Together
    Watching The Wizard of Oz at the Park
    Watching The Wizard of Oz at the Park
    At a Family Wedding
    At a Family Wedding
    We Love the Holidays
    We Love the Holidays
    Brett's Dad & Isaiah
    Brett's Dad & Isaiah
    Our Family Loves Going to the Zoo
    Our Family Loves Going to the Zoo
    Getting an Ice Cream Sundae
    Getting an Ice Cream Sundae
    Having Fun & Looking Silly
    Having Fun & Looking Silly
    1 / 12
    On Vacation Together
    On Vacation Together
    2 / 12
    Abby Helping With Isaiah's Soccer Team
    Abby Helping With Isaiah's Soccer Team
    3 / 12
    Hiking on Vacation
    Hiking on Vacation
    4 / 12
    Fun at Disney World
    Fun at Disney World
    5 / 12
    Happy Together
    Happy Together
    6 / 12
    Watching The Wizard of Oz at the Park
    Watching The Wizard of Oz at the Park
    7 / 12
    At a Family Wedding
    At a Family Wedding
    8 / 12
    We Love the Holidays
    We Love the Holidays
    9 / 12
    Brett's Dad & Isaiah
    Brett's Dad & Isaiah
    10 / 12
    Our Family Loves Going to the Zoo
    Our Family Loves Going to the Zoo
    11 / 12
    Getting an Ice Cream Sundae
    Getting an Ice Cream Sundae
    12 / 12
    Having Fun & Looking Silly
    Having Fun & Looking Silly

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Home Sweet Home

    We live in Ohio. Our neighborhood is literally overflowing with children! It is very nice and safe, and has walking paths throughout and a pool-which happens to be walking distance from our house.

    We live in a cul-de-sac, which makes our house extra safe for bike riding or playing outside since there are not cars racing by! (We do have a fence around our backyard, as well.)

    Our Backyard

    The town we live in is really a family dream come true-the schools are wonderful, and the downtown is quaint, with a favorite ice cream/hamburger joint that is walking distance from the kindergarten/first grade school building!

    We have a two-story house with an unfinished basement (although unfinished, we do laundry and store lots of things down there and Isaiah has a downstairs "play area" full of cars, trucks, and stuffed animals). We have four bedrooms - a master bedroom (ours), Isaiah's bedroom, one for the child you are carrying, and an extra room, which holds exercise equipment for us, a sewing machine (which Abby uses occasionally!), and craft supplies!

    Our Extended Families

    Brett's Mom & Stepdad

    Our extended families are beyond excited to welcome another little one into their lives and hearts!

    Abby's Family

    This child will have a large amount of cousins-three on Brett's side of the family and eight on Abby's side of the family. All of our parents live within 25 minutes of us. Isaiah absolutely loves all his family members and has made some really special memories with all his grandparents, but especially with extended family on Abby's side of the family.

    Every year Abby's parents pay for everyone to meet up in the summer on vacation-we've done Disney and they are planning a beach trip for 2024.

    From Us to You

    Thank you so much for reading this letter and looking at our adoption profile. We hope that you feel affirmed and relaxed as you read the words we have written and that you can picture the precious infant that you are carrying growing up loved by us. We realize that as a parent, the safety and joy of your child is prominent in your mind. Please be assured that we are so eager for another child to be a part of our family, that we share this same goal for your child. We want them to be all that they can be, and to feel loved and special and important. God has created your child, and he knows the path that their life will take and the home in which they will be able to flourish into the amazing human that he created them to be.

    We have been married since 2014, and were dating for almost two years before our marriage. We met online, but any skepticism about our means of finding love was soon erased by the knowledge that we had indeed found it! Abby was searching for a new church home, and our faith is something of the utmost importance in our lives, so falling in love with Brett AND the church he attended certainly sealed the deal! Currently, we still attend that church as a family. Isaiah loves their children's programs and many of the friends we have made there are praying for you now, and cannot wait for another person to love in our family.

    Early on in our relationship, we each stated the desire to be parents and have a family. After several doctor visits, we were told that it would be virtually impossible to have children by conventional methods! We attempted IVF (in vitro fertilization) but the baby created did not survive in the womb. We knew there were other babies who needed homes, so instead of attempting IVF again and again, we wanted to adopt a child. Isaiah joined our family in 2019, and we have always told him that he was adopted. There are many ways God makes families, and we know that God has a special and unique plan for you! We certainly intend to tell them about how they are unique from many people because they have even more people to whom their existence was precious. If not for the decision you are considering regarding their life, the lives of so many people they will come to know in the future would be completely different.

    Our household is one of laughter, joy and love. We live in a very nice neighborhood and we live in a cul-de-sac with an abundance of other young children. The outdoors are often filled with laughter and sounds made by bicycles or trampolines. The school system is outstanding as well. Both of us, especially Abby, with her English literature major, love to read as often as possible to Isaiah, and will to anyone under our roof! The child you carry will be welcome's with open arms into loving-and large!-extended families as well. There is a combination (between the two of us) of eleven cousins and five grandparents.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and we are praying for your health and for you to be in peace about your decision.


    Brett & Abby


    Candy Bar
    York peppermint patty
    Charlie Brown
    Childhood Memory
    Playing make believe outside with friends or siblings
    Childhood Toy
    American Girl dolls
    Children's Book
    Charlotte's Web
    Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, all of the Chronicles of Narnia-I could go on and on, I read a lot as a child!
    Palm Springs, CA - the place where we took our honeymoon!
    New York
    Day of Week
    ANYTHING and EVERYTHING sweet ?!?!
    Disney Movie
    The Lion King
    The Little Mermaid
    Dream Job
    Children's librarian
    Dream Vacation
    Family Activity
    I love extended family vacations!
    Flower / Plant
    Really good (homemade!) BBQ
    If it's not dessert, I also love Italian food!
    Form of Exercise
    Barre (also Pilates)
    Reading-or reading out loud to Isaiah
    Holiday Song
    O Come O Come Emmanuel
    Ice Cream
    Oreo or Cookie Dough
    Graeter's black raspberry chip
    Leisure Activity
    Hacksaw Ridge or You've Got Mail or any Hallmark Christmas movies!
    Movie Munchie
    Popcorn with m&ms
    Movie Type
    Oh my goodness, it varies so much; look at my favorite movies for proof!
    The Lion King
    Les Miserables
    Olympic Event
    Figure skating - its just amazing to me
    Quality about my Spouse
    Caring and listening
    A great laugh and a great listener
    BBQ - chicken or pork!
    Grilled cheese, turkey and tomato
    Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding."
    "The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3
    Shopping Store
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Team
    Ohio State Buckeyes, Kansas Jayhawks (basketball)
    University of Kentucky Wildcats (basketball)
    Subject in School
    English Literature
    Captain America
    Batman (and Wonder Woman)
    Thing to Cook
    Time of Day
    TV Show
    This is Us
    TV Show Character
    Lorelai Gilmore

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